10 reasons why you need a website for your business

December 12, 2020

1. A website lets you look professional

A website makes the company more trustworthy than businesses that just have social media accounts, 84 percent of today’s customers say. Your website is also the best place to explain any technical certifications or achievements that your company has.

In addition, creating your own website allows you to build a branded email address (e.g. xyz@brand.com) that adds a degree of professionalism to all your communications, especially if you have previously used a private email address to conduct business.

2. Your website will attract new clients via Google

You may be satisfied with the current size of your business, but client turnover is faced by any company. You need to draw new clients to promote continued progress, and one of the best ways to do that is by making yourself available on Google.


For a number of search words, a well-optimized website will help your company rank well and attract a steady stream of new customers. There are many free SEO tools that, without any prior experience, make it easy to optimize your website.

You can read about ways to get better SEO here.

3. You can show your goods and services clearly,

By showcasing high-quality photography on your website, you can show potential customers what they’ll get when they work with you. For example, take a look at picture below


To give people a sense of what it feels like to visit your physical place, you can also use your website design, along with the featured pictures. This works especially well if like the Canadian restaurant Stormcrow Manor, your brand is closely linked to the “feel” of your place.


Another thing that you can do is publish on your website valuable details about your goods and services to ensure that you attract the right customers. For instance, if you operate a restaurant, you might want to mark some gluten-free items on your menu so that individuals with Celiac or other conditions that render gluten unsafe know they can eat in your establishment.

4. Your best reviews and it can be shown prominently on your website.

Displaying your best reviews and/or testimonials prominently on your website is a great way to establish social proof.


Publishing your best reviews on your website also serves the secondary purpose of creating a permanent archive. This means that even if third-party review sites close at some point in the future, you’ll still have access to your best reviews.

5. A website will inspire clients to contact you

A website is a perfect place for potential clients to make your contact details readily accessible. You may also publish a header or footer of your contact information so that it appears on every single article.

6. You should incorporate Google Maps with your website so that people can find you more easily.

A website lets you directly insert maps into your content. An embedded map makes finding your business simple for people who don’t spend a lot of time in your city. If you host events, this is especially nice, since they will draw people who would not otherwise spend time in the area in which your business is locate.


7. Your website sets up your location in the sector

If your rivals aren’t online yet they’re probably going to be soon. By first creating a high-quality website, establish yourself as a leader in your field.

You have a different kind of opportunity if your rivals are online: you can create a website that is entirely different from the sites of your competitors, showing potential customers what makes your company stand out.

8. The design and maintenance of a website is no longer overwhelming

Without any knowledge of programming, modern website builders like Squarespace and Wix make it easy for you to create an attractive, mobile-friendly site.

In other words, designing a practical, aesthetically pleasing website has never been easier.


9. A website guarantees your long-term success.

By 2020, nearly 4.54 billion people (59% of the world’s population) are using the Internet and more and more people are going online.

Your organization is inaccessible to these individuals without a website. If we move forward into the modern age, unless you invest in a website, the company will become invisible to all.

So, your company needs to get online in order to remain competitive in this increasingly digital environment.


10. Without investing a lot, you will get all of these benefits.

It’s not only simpler to create a website than it used to be; it’s more accessible, too. You can create a website for as little as $70 per year if you’re willing to adopt a simple non-technical DIY strategy.

So for my company, do I need a website? The ultimate decision

Hopefully, you have realized by now that the problem is not “do I need a website for my company” but can I afford not to have a website in the digital age.” And the answer, if you want to keep flourishing in the long run, is no. One of the biggest investments any company can make in the future is a website.

Finally, if you have any questions about launching a website for your business, or you want to get one, just contact us at www.digivats.com